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Friends Are Lost

From my album Heading West

The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress In Brief…

A very brief rendition of a classic and beautiful song with my interpretation on it for a Saturday night 🙂

This Land of Ours

You know how every country has a national anthem? Well, not being much of subscriber to nationalism myself, I thought I’d compose an anthem for land, people and nature wherever they may be found.

“This Land of Ours” is from my album “Round River” and can be purchased  here, or here, or here 🙂

Sneak Preview of What’s Happening In The Studio

I probably shouldn’t do this but I’m excited about writing and recording new songs for my next album, so I wanted to preview just one of them, a simple song called “You Know Me”.  Hope you like it…

Natural Wales At It’s Finest…Part II

This song is the title track from my second album “Round River” and once again Mike Alexander has treated us to some of his best photographs of the stunning Welsh landscape to go with it, hope you enjoy 🙂

Have You Ever Said Something and Really, Like Really Wish You Hadn’t?…. :-)

…then this is for you…

The First Song I Ever Recorded

…it’s about the serenity that comes from wide open landscapes as told by the acoustic guitar

Currently Playing On American Airlines

This song was inspired by the beautiful book of the same name by David Petersen and features acoustic guitar, bass, keyboards and drums. I’m very glad to learn that it has been soothing the journey of a few air travellers in the US 🙂

When The Snow Comes

Photo: Mike Alexander
Photo: Mike Alexander

We haven’t had any yet but I thought I’d share this photo from Mike Alexander of a darkly beautiful winter landscape in North Wales.  The song is one I wrote having been out in the kind of muffled, noiseless, late afternoon light that only a snowy landscape can offer.  It is one of my favourite compositions because it came out straight away, with no time to be influenced by anything other than the experience itself.

Sound of the Prairie?

Imagine if you will the wide open prairie with a few scattered farmsteads, maybe it would sound a bit like this? 🙂