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Sound of the Prairie?

Imagine if you will the wide open prairie with a few scattered farmsteads, maybe it would sound a bit like this? 🙂

Proud To Be Included On This Album With So Many Fine Guitarists…Out Now!

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Sometimes It’s As Though Time Stands Still….

From the album “Time Stands Still” by Mike Howe

Freshly Pressed Today (Thank you!), Back To The Real World Tomorrow (Thank you!)…

It was with complete surprise, followed by a buzz of excitement to be one of the WordPress Editors picks on “Freshly Pressed” today.  My song “Hope” was featured and I got a badge (those of you in the UK that remember “Blue Peter” will understand my swelling pride – hehe…)

It’s funny how this virtual world that we inhabit for chunks of our lives these days has become, to a greater or lesser extent, so much part of what we do and maybe who we are.  If I’m honest I both like it and find it quite unsettling all at the same time.

Which is why I’m so grateful to be able to get away from this screen and go and deal with some very real stuff, and tomorrow is no exception.  Tomorrow I travel North so that I can look at, kick about in, and discuss the future of this place and one or two others.  When I get out into air like this, all the anxiety disappears.

Photo: Mike Alexander
Photo: Mike Alexander
Photo: Mike Alexander
Photo: Mike Alexander
Photo: Mike Alexander
Photo: Mike Alexander



Apparently They Play This On Delta Airlines…Hopefully It Helps…

“A Long Way To Go” from the album “Round River” by Mike Howe

More Stories We’ll Never Know The End Of…

“Old Wooden House” Goes To #11 In The Portugal iTunes Chart

It’s always so nice when this happens.  I can remember clearly spending days writing, recording and re-recording this song with no thought other than really enjoying the creative process and wondering how it will turn out.  And then sometime later it makes it into a chart somewhere in the world.  Thank you 🙂

Oh and it’s available for download for only 0.99 $, £, E on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play etc…:)

Nice press acclaim

Heading West, which marks Howe’s fourth journey with Real Music, features some of his most sublime music to date.  The guitar is central on this release, featuring warm, carefree strumming that is accented by keyboards, piano and rhythm.  Songs like “Old Wooden House” and “American Travels” have a pensive beauty to them — the guitar harmonies bear a reflective essence, as if Howe is wandering through old haunts reminiscing of past joys.  “Badlands” ups the tempo a bit and adds a bit of bluesy groove, while maintaining Howe’s signature laid-back flair.  A must listen for fans of relaxing guitar music.

Dan Cowan, Music Design/New Sound

Moments Lost In Time Like Tears In Rain

This song is from my second album “Round River”

Edge Of The Trees

I wrote a piece of music about a dream, a bad dream, not a nightmare as such.  Each instrument and rhythm is a metaphor for the different elements of the dream.  It’s about standing in the light but on the edge of darkness.  My heartbeat starts the music and continues throughout.  The acoustic guitar is my calm inner voice, talking and comforting.  Half way through the piece the electric guitar conveys a rising panic, doubt and fear, but all the while the acoustic guitar, the inner calm voice, keeps talking and assuring me that it will be ok, there’s nothing to fear….beyond the edge of the trees….