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Name That Tune…

I sometimes get asked how I think of titles for my instrumental songs.  I suppose it’s a fair question when I think about it, after all there are no lyrics, so in theory I could call a song or tune anything I wanted.

It doesn’t really work like that though.  Most of the time a piece of music comes as a result of having something to say about something in particular.  It’s how I feel about something that gets the creative process moving, so that by the time I’ve finished the composition, I know exactly what the song should be called.

This song has one of my more direct, not very abstract titles, and it’s exactly about what it says it’s about.  Hopefully the listener can here the regret?…..

Sorry For What I Said conveys humility, sincerity, and regret — a heartfelt beauty (Kathy Parsons, mainlypiano.com)