Sometimes It’s As Though Time Stands Still….

From the album “Time Stands Still” by Mike Howe

10 thoughts on “Sometimes It’s As Though Time Stands Still….”

    1. I can’t think of a greater or more inspirational leader. Even my children, who were born after he was released from prison, have a quiet awe and respect for him. We all stopped what we were doing to watch the news last night, quite emotional

  1. Your calming music is the right medicine in this roaring storm (which is getting a bit scary…). Maybe we can sooth the wind a bit when we play it loud enough. 🙂

    Sending much love!

    1. Thanks Steffi glad it’s helping. I drove for 6 hours in the storm today, quite scary at times, and then my van broke down on top of a mountain 😦 I managed to fix it but nearly got blown away in the process, also got very very wet. Naughty van….mercedes…..German……mmm…only kidding, it is a great van, just a bit old 🙂 Hang onto your hats over there, it should pass soon 🙂

      1. Oh dear! That does not sound very comfy… I am glad you managed to fix it without being blown away! Although it makes a great anecdote situations like that are not funny when they happen. Are you somewhere safe and dry, now?

        As for the Mercedes – it does not happen to be an A-Klasse Mercedes? HeHe…

        This little wooden house here is actually shaking. The lamps are slightly moving, so do the curtains (yes, the windows are closed) and part of our porch broke in the storm. Hopefully the snow will help stabilizing the structure, now (also on the dykes). 😛 – I always get kind of nervous during tempests due to the stirred up energies but I rarely get scared…

        Hang in there and take care – we will do the same, here! 😀

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