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Stunningly Beautiful Photographs Now Online

Many of you who follow my blog will be familiar with the beautiful photographs I often post by Mike Alexander.  I’m very proud to announce that my brother Rod has built a website called to host hundreds of Mike’s stunning … Continue reading

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Rolling Stones…

I rather like this photo by Mike Alexander, taken between the winter storms on a beach called Hells Mouth on the west coast of Wales

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Today’s Storm Walk

  On the West Wales coast.  Squally, stormy, bright sunshine one moment, dark ominous clouds and hail the next, but always very, very windy…

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What I Wish Someone Would Say to All Peace Talks Representatives

“When you know how large the universe is and how small we are within it — what Earth looks like from space, how tiny it is in a cosmic void — it’s impossible for you to say, ‘I so don’t … Continue reading

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Natural Wales At It’s Finest…Part II

This song is the title track from my second album “Round River” and once again Mike Alexander has treated us to some of his best photographs of the stunning Welsh landscape to go with it, hope you enjoy 🙂

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Natural Wales At It’s Finest

Here’s a collection of some of Mike Alexander’s best photographs, music by me, the title track of my first album “Time Stands Still”

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The Ancient Holly

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Have You Ever Said Something and Really, Like Really Wish You Hadn’t?…. :-)

…then this is for you…

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A 6000 year old submerged forest that reappears from time to time

Originally posted on Mike Howe:
Although it is rarely seen, the remnants of a past forested landscape, where there is now sea and beach, is a very interesting feature and teaches us about past sea level rise and our recent…

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When Mike Met Michael for an Interview…

For those of you who may be interested, the editor of the excellent Ambient Visions website, Michael Foster, very kindly asked me to do an interview about my latest album release, and here it is…  

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