Had such fun recording a new track,  playing the drums, bass and of course the guitar

26 thoughts on “Mosaic”

  1. Although this is a bit different from your other work I have heard, I enjoyed it very much. I still feel that enchanting quality of yours at the core of this music, that which takes me to the top of the mountain or looking out over the ocean…lovely. 🙂

    1. Thank you LuAnn I’m so pleased you don’t mind the slight shift in style. It’s important for me to keep things changing otherwise I’d rather not bother, but at the same time I hope that people will like it, and it means a lot that you do, thank you 🙂 Thanks also for taking the time to comment I really appreciate that 🙂

    1. Wow thanks Terry that is great encouragement – even though I’ll do my own thing anyway and you can’t try and please people (otherwise it doesn’t work) you never know how people will react and so it’s with great relief and appreciation to get a comment like that 🙂 How’s the weather out there? I’m 2 weeks away from landing in Phoenix and heading off to grand canyon, utah and california….can’t wait 🙂

  2. You are making me more and more curious for the new album, Mike! I enjoyed the piece a lot. Inspite of the different mix I can still hear this special quality of your guitar playing and your music. Very interesting and it’s great to witness the journey.

    Thank you and much love!

      1. You are most welcome, Mike. Thank you, also, for your support and good wishes for the Sommer Pause! 🙂 It is indeed a much needed break for me.
        Aren’t you going to the US, this summer? I bet you will bring back lots of inspiration! xx

    1. Thank you Anneli I’m glad you like it even though as you say it’s a bit different. Got to keep movin’ and changin’, can’t stand still otherwise it gets boring. I’ve no interest in always doing the same thing but there’s a risk of alienating listeners who like my other work, so it’s very nice to know that you like it, thanks

  3. Fun and lightness – definitely!
    BTW the title triggered odd mental connections as Mosaic was an ancient 1990s internet browser – but those times on the web were fun too 🙂

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