Grand Canyon – a truly mesmerising place

Photo: Mike Howe
Photo: Mike Howe
Photo: Mike Howe
Photo: Mike Howe

21 thoughts on “Grand Canyon – a truly mesmerising place”

  1. You managed to capture a couple of stunning shots – not always easy especially when hot. Looks like the road trip was lots of fun and you hit some great spots. 🙂

  2. The views from the top are spectacular and those heading down to the bottom equally so. Someday you will have to come back and have that experience Mike. 🙂

  3. Yes, its majestic! Thank you for sharing those impressions, Mike. 🙂
    (I doubt I would make it down there, but I had a short view from the top, once.)

    Much love!

      1. Definitely some day. For some reason we’ve been to Europe more than places here. I’m ready to stay here now, especially with my photography lol. Renting a motorhome and traveling across the U.S. sounds soooo good!

    1. No we didn’t have time to hike down, and it was incredibly hot so might not have made it anyway! One day I’d love to, must be absolutely magical down there

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