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Sneak Preview of What’s Happening In The Studio

I probably shouldn’t do this but I’m excited about writing and recording new songs for my next album, so I wanted to preview just one of them, a simple song called “You Know Me”.  Hope you like it…

Today’s Storm Walk

Photo: Mike Howe
Photo: Mike Howe


Photo: Mike Howe
Photo: Mike Howe

On the West Wales coast.  Squally, stormy, bright sunshine one moment, dark ominous clouds and hail the next, but always very, very windy…

Have You Ever Said Something and Really, Like Really Wish You Hadn’t?…. :-)

…then this is for you…

When Mike Met Michael for an Interview…

For those of you who may be interested, the editor of the excellent Ambient Visions website, Michael Foster, very kindly asked me to do an interview about my latest album release, and here it is…

Heading West by Mike Howe


Heading West Makes It Into 2 “Best Of’s” for 2013

Heading West by Mike Howe

Music reviewer Michael Debbage places “Heading West” at #5 in his top albums in the genre for 2013…


And it is also in the Audiosyncracy best of 2013, a podcast based upon Jamey Osbournes radio show featuring outstanding independent acoustic new age musicians and their most current work…


I’m particularly pleased because this album was quite a challenge for me to write and to record.  I had to teach myself how to play the piano and double bass parts of the songs, and this was a brilliant experience.  So recognition like this is very rewarding.  Grateful thanks to Michael and Jamey.

For A Quiet Moment…

Lost In Music

Photo: Rod Howe
Photo: Rod Howe

Rehearsals and recording my album “Island of Anywhere” in 2011.  This guitar takes the lead on 2 of the tracks, “Sunset” and “San Francisco”

Winter Beach Colour…


After weeks of winter grey skies, the cold, sharp air brings some sun and colour to the shoreline

Sea rock


Proud To Be Included On This Album With So Many Fine Guitarists…Out Now!

Best of reviews new age - the guitar 2




Nice press acclaim

Heading West, which marks Howe’s fourth journey with Real Music, features some of his most sublime music to date.  The guitar is central on this release, featuring warm, carefree strumming that is accented by keyboards, piano and rhythm.  Songs like “Old Wooden House” and “American Travels” have a pensive beauty to them — the guitar harmonies bear a reflective essence, as if Howe is wandering through old haunts reminiscing of past joys.  “Badlands” ups the tempo a bit and adds a bit of bluesy groove, while maintaining Howe’s signature laid-back flair.  A must listen for fans of relaxing guitar music.

Dan Cowan, Music Design/New Sound